Homecoming King and Queen Crowned

Meron Mesfin, Writer

This year’s senior homecoming king and queen are Keaton Purtle and Emily Korenman. Both the homecoming king and queen are in Plano West’s Band. 

Purtle is Spirit Captain and Squad leader in band and he plays sax and drums.

“I felt surprised by a lot. I didn’t realize I was gonna go this far in the actual homecoming process itself, so I just felt surprised when I actually won.” said Purtle.

Similarly, the homecoming queen, Korenman, is a member of the student council and NHS, she is also one of the drum majors in band.

“To be honest, I was honestly really surprised! It was an honor to be nominated, and it was so exciting for the band. No two band kids have ever won together,so it felt great to make band history! ” said Korenman.