Presidents’ Council Connects Student Leaders

Alyssa Royston, Writer

Resurfacing at the school this year is the Presidents Council, a collective group of student leaders collaborating on pressing issues pertaining to the Plano West Community. The President’s Council features presidents and team captains for clubs, sports teams,  and organizations around the school.

The President’s Council is led by Senior Class President Ava Dawson and Student Council President Jack Waide, who with the help of Mr. Michael Cruz, assistant school principal, have helped establish monthly meetings during A and B lunch to discuss school-related events. It also allows student leaders to collaborate in order to create a better environment for Plano West.

“We wanted to make sure that every club and sport in the school has representation. It’s a great way for presidents from each club to get together and talk about what their club needs, and work with other clubs,” Ava Dawson, Senior Class President, said.

The first President’s Council meeting featured a roundtable where presidents of clubs and organizations all introduced themselves as well as the club they represented. Each club president stated what they think would be beneficial to their specific club.

“I think [the President’s Council] used to meet a couple years ago, but they brought it back this year, and I think the first meeting was really successful. We passed a microphone around and asked ‘How can this club help you?’” Dawson said.

Dawson explained that it was a great opportunity to meet to also get to know people in the school. She said there were clubs she didn’t even know existed until the meeting.

Amy Clairmont, American Sign Language Club President, was one of the club presidents who attended the meeting.

“What I loved most about the President’s Council was being able to talk and discuss with other club presidents,” Clairmont said.

Clairmont explained that being able to collaborate with other student leaders was very beneficial to her. She was able to observe other Presidents and get ideas from the meeting she hopes to use in the future.

The President’s Council meets once a month during A and B lunches. The next President’s Council meeting date has not yet been announced.