Plano West Theatre presents ‘Peter and the Starcatcher’


Alyssa Royston

Plano West Theatre students practice a scene for the play.

Alyssa Royston, Writer

Peter and The Starcatcher, the fall play, takes the stage October 14, 2021, and the Theatre Department has been hard at work to put this show together. The school’s first live production with a full capacity audience in months, brings in many who are highly anticipating the performance.

For many of the performers, due to COVID-19, it’s been months since they’ve been able to act onstage in front of an audience. 

“I’m beyond excited to be back in front of a live audience again.” Charlotte Reseneder, cast member, said.

Along with emerging from COVID-19, this is the first time many of the performers are getting to know and perform with one another as well, some from Shepton, some from Jasper, and some feeding in from other schools as well.

“I have loved getting to meet people from Jasper. Everyone in theater is so sweet, and from the moment you meet them it feels like family.” Melanie Jacobs, Shepton Theatre alumnus said.

The cast has enjoyed their time performing with one another.

“The first read-through [of the script] has been my favorite part of the process so far.” Walker Blackwell, junior, said.

He explained that watching everyone come together for the first time as one collective theatre group was a surreal experience. 

Tyson Copeland, junior, looked at it from a different perspective. He explained that he observed the theater as an outlet. After having a long 7 hour school day, he looks forward to taking a break from schoolwork to perform onstage.

“School can be really stressful, so having time every week to hang with my friends is always appreciated,” Copeland says.

Peter and the Starcatcher tells the prequel to Peter Pan, a beloved Disney classic. The show is an upbeat, comedic fairy-tale that at times is super entertaining and over-the-top, but also draws emotions and feelings people can relate to.

It is the “perfect duality,” Reseneder said. She explained that to her, the best productions were ones that featured emotions on a full scale, rather than just one or the other.

Her favorite scene to watch was the entrance of Blackstache, the show’s villain. Blackstache is the evil Pirate chief leader named after his signature black mustache.

The actor portraying Blackstache, Cas Sutherland, did “a fantastic job capturing the essence of the big and bad “Jack Sparrow type” character,” said Reseneder.

This year, along with a new set of students, West welcomed a new theatre director, Kaci Wilhelm. Wilhelm works alongside Cassidy McQuiston as co-theatre directors. Together they have brought forth a new rehearsal process. 

This process, according to Reseneder, has been different from others she’s done. The directors this year are spending a lot of time focusing on tablework before actually going onstage, which allows for better character analysis and benefits more in the long run in terms of giving the best performance,” Reseneder said.

Peter and the Starcatcher takes the stage October 14, and runs through October 16 in the Plano West auditorium. Tickets are available for purchase at under Plano West Senior HS.