Creative Problem Solving in HOSA

Gabby Pippins

Several members of the HOSA club have competed and placed first in the Creative Problem Solving competition. Aside from being the best in the CPS division, many chose the club due to their interests in the health field.

“My whole life I have been interested in the health sciences,” senior HOSA president Clara Pereira said, “but I could never find an organization that supported my interests until HOSA…HOSA is a club dedicated to students who are interested in the same things as me, and it gives us the opportunity to work together and bond over our common interests.”

Others found the club through their search for a helpful extracurricular.

“For me, HOSA is one of the most hands-on ways I could really pursue the subjects I was interested in while still a high school student,” senior HOSA winner Vaishu Vasudevan said. “I have always known that I have wanted to be a doctor, but HOSA was what really stuck with me because it allowed me to combine public speaking with health science. My favorite part is probably all of the variety there is in events–no matter what, there is something you will like!”

A few participants joined with a leap of faith, hoping that they found the perfect club for them.

“HOSA to me was a great opportunity that I wanted to take advantage of,” Senior HOSA winner Isabella Ramp said. “Through Principles of Health Science, I knew about HOSA, but I never decided to take the leap and try an event until this year. I would define it as an organization that allows people with similar interests and a passion for the medical field to explore what it has to offer and develop preliminary career skills…My favorite part was that I was able to participate in an event for the first time in my senior year. I was worried, but doing a team event really helped me feel prepared and comfortable because of the prior experience and support from my teammates.”

When asked what sparked their interest in CPS and the health field, the main contributing factor was through their friends.

“I started competing with Vaishnavi in Creative Problem Solving in sophomore year,” Pereira said. “We had both joined HOSA for the first time back then and we were looking for a team event that we could compete in together, and Creative Problem Solving seemed like it would be pretty fun. This year, we formed a wonderful team with Isabella and Shivani (one of my team members) and together we are doing great. Hopefully we will do well in internationals too!”

Some did not begin with a full interest but later developed one after learning the ropes.

“I first competed in CPS with Clara in 10th grade,” Vasudevan said, “and I will admit, I was not the biggest fan of the event at the time. However, I really liked it after we competed that first time, and we chose to continue it through this year. As a result, we knew we had a major advantage over other teams because of our past experience, whereas many other competitors are competing for the first time in CPS and do not fully understand how the event works.”

A few decided to dive in with full trust in their friends, coming out a winner as they did.

“To be honest, Clara was the one who sparked my interest in Creative Problem Solving,” Ramp said. “She is one of my close friends, and we both shared an interest in the medical field. This year, she asked me if I would like to join her and try my hand at Creative Problem Solving, so I easily accepted. As for what aided in our success, I think it was a combination of things. Forming a new team with fresh perspectives allowed for great brainstorming sessions, and I feel like the four of us worked really well as a team. Each of us put in our full effort to make our presentations the best they could be, and the final product reflected that.”

All team members decided to include closing thoughts over HOSA as a whole. Some are sad that the club does not get the same attention as other clubs but are pleased with how the competition has gone.

“Overall,” Pereira said, “I think HOSA is very fun and rewarding, and I would suggest that anyone considering joining should! Unfortunately, HOSA does not get much attention in PISD, but it is an internationally recognized organization found in most high schools and colleges and it’s a lot of fun. I really enjoy HOSA and I am really glad we got to where we are now!”

Others are hoping to notify other Wolves of a fun health field opportunity.

“Honestly,” Vasudevan said, “I may be biased since I am HOSA president, but if you are interested in the medical field, I would really suggest joining! There are so many kids at West who are interested in becoming doctors, but not a lot know about HOSA, and I think they would really like it. As I mentioned before, there are a huge variety of events, so there is something for everyone.”

HOSA has even provided a light patch for members during this pandemic.

“Like I have been saying, HOSA is a wonderful opportunity,” Ramp said. “Anyone who is interested should just take a chance and try it. I have had such fun, rewarding experiences in my first year, and I regret not doing it sooner. HOSA is definitely one of the highlights of this school year for me, and I am really glad I was able to still participate given everything with the pandemic.”