Senior Sentiments on Revised Prom and Graduation

Reo Lee

The Senior Prom will be held at the Tom Kimbrough Stadium on June 3, from 8 p.m till 11 p.m. Graduation will take place the following day on June 4 at Clark Stadium, from 8 p.m. Due to the current pandemic, strict COVID guidelines will be put into place to ensure the safety of all students and parents looking to attend both events.

“It is annoying that we have to wear masks because it kind of ruins the makeup and the outfit, but I will be attending prom because I have always wanted to get that experience while I can,” Louna Pessy said. “I am not mad about [the regulations] because I am not going to stay long anyways.”

This year’s prom theme is La La Land, with inspiration taken from the hit 2016 musical romcom movie. Seniors can purchase up to 2 tickets, each one costing $35 if bought beforehand and $40 at the door. Guests above the age of 20 cannot attend, and everyone has to follow the safety guidelines: wearing a mask, socially distanced dancing, and limited contact with others.

“It’s pretty much the same with graduation,” Pessy said. “It is an important chapter that is closing in our lives, and it should be special in order for it to be remembered.”

Although the graduation ceremony will not take place at the usual Star Stadium, the rest of the graduation will occur like the previous years. Each graduate will receive 6 tickets, and all guests over the age of two years old will be required to have a ticket for entry. Families will be required to wear masks and practice social distancing.

“I have heard a lot of complaints about graduation not being at The Star, but PISD has stated that this is because of the NFL’s stricter Covid regulations which would have barred students from bringing more than 2 family members,” Tanvi Talla said. “It is definitely frustrating to miss out on our traditional high school events, but I do think that PISD is doing the best it can under the circumstances.”

Talla, the vice president of STUCO, has been involved with the planning for both senior events. She shares that events were planned as best as the situation allowed around safety restrictions, and encourages students to attend.

“I personally will be attending prom, just because I had a hand in planning it and I love the theme we picked this year,” Talla said. “Throughout most of my childhood I hoped that I would get to have an awesome senior year of high school experience, so now that our year is finally ending, I do not want to miss out on this memory.”

Talla is also planning on attending graduation, as a way to honor her accomplishments with her fellow students, friends, and family.

“I am definitely nervous about speaking at the graduation, but am still looking forward to it,” Talla said. “As crazy as this year has been, I definitely think having an in-person graduation is important for us to remember our high school careers in one big grand way.”

With many students and families still having uncertainties surrounding the two senior events, STUCO reassures that all planning was carefully arranged to abide by safety regulations and closely monitored by PISD.

“I think the events will still be successful under the circumstances and while it is not ideal, these measures taking place ensure the safety of all of us while still balancing our wishes of coming together,” Talla said. “Hopefully most of the student body appreciates the efforts STUCO has put forth to make Prom and Graduation happen.”