Writewell Club Provides Network for Young Authors


Elizabeth Secor, Editor

A new club this school year is one made for writers, Writewell. A virtual club for those who love writing and creating worlds. Juniors Isabella Reyes (club president) and Ali Gavalya saw a need for the club at West.


“For students who are debaters, artists, and athletes, there are easily accessible clubs and organizations to join,” Gavalya said. “But as writers, we have noticed few ways to collaborate with each other.  We started Writewell to create a space for writers to meet one another and to share ideas.”


The club meets every other Monday from 4:30-5:30 via Zoom. Look for announcements via their Remind (text @writewe to 81010) or follow their Instagram @writewell_pwsh. They are always open to new members. 


“During our club meetings, we draw inspiration from our peers and authors who we look up to,” Reyes said. “This allows us to regenerate creativity and restore motivation.”


Writewell has used mainly Instagram to recruit and has faced a few roadblocks trying to gather members.


“The biggest challenge our club has faced so far is finding new members. Apart from our Instagram, we are limited in terms of gaining recognition,” Gavalya said. “During a normal school year, we would be able to meet and collaborate with more people without having to communicate solely through a screen.”


Recruitment is not the only difficulty they face but also just getting to know everyone in a virtual setting. However, Writewell hopes this space created for writers will be what draws people into the club. They also hope a writing community will be built, so by next Fall, they can hit the ground running. 


“One of the most appealing aspects of Writewell is that we value the perspectives of all writers. The diversity of creative styles and processes allows us to strengthen our own work,” Gavalya said. “For many, writing is an outlet to process difficult situations. It gives us a healthy escape from reality and allows us to have some control over our lives.”