Dollars and Sense


Gabby Pippins

Dollars and Sense is an elective semester class at Plano West that gives students an opportunity to explore money management in depth using real-world scenarios.

“This one-semester course explores managing life independently,” Dollars and Sense teacher Mrs. Desiree Rideaux said. “Areas of study include budgeting, banking, saving, investing, housing, healthy living, insurance, and careers. A focus on money management and consumer practices will prevail throughout the course.”

This Dollars and Sense class has already begun to help people while only being two weeks in.

“This class is helping me realize how I should spend my money once I am in college,” junior Stephen Bassey said. “Now I know how to conserve my money for more important things once I get to college like book expenses, food, and other college necessities.”

This class is not like any other class where everyone learns the same curriculum, Dollars and Sense focuses on each and every individual student by addressing their personal needs and goals as far as being smart with their funds.

“I recommend this course for all students,” Rideaux said. “We focus on the personal goals and values of each student. The students who complete this course will be equipped with practical information for daily living. They will understand credit, credit cards, and how to open a checking and saving account. Students will learn standard deductions on their pay stubs and taxes. They will learn the importance of taxes, different types of insurance as well as how to create a budget for living expenses such as: planning for college, living with a roommate, monthly expenses, and other tools to prepare them for a successful pathway for life after high school.”

Although she teaches such a unique and helpful class, Mrs. Rideaux says that the best part of her teaching is seeing her students succeed.

“I enjoy seeing students thrive,” Rideaux said. “I share my stories, to assist the students in planning for the future to achieve their goals and thrive. The course explores career paths for students and that is my favorite part of the class.”