Homecoming Queen: Allison Harty


Reo Lee

With homecoming week officially coming to an end, there was much excitement even with the absence of the annual homecoming dance. Although the Friday night game was a fun spectacle, a special part of it all was the announcement of the homecoming court.Winning unexpectedly, senior Allison Harty was crowned homecoming queen.

“When I got the nomination from the band, I thought it was funny,” Harty said. “When I kept advancing in the ballots, I was really shocked.”

Harty claims that she is still shocked about winning and still amazed every time it is brought up in conversations, since winning was not something she was planning on.

“When they announced me as Homecoming Queen at the game I turned to my mom and [asked] is that my name?” Harty said. “There is a very funny reaction picture of me [since] I was so taken aback.”

Although Harty was not expecting to be crowned, she is still grateful for everyone around her who voted and supported her through the duration of voting.

“Words can not describe how grateful I am to everyone who supported me by voting,” Harty said. “Earning a vote means that I have touched that person’s life in some positive way which makes me so happy.”

Not only is Harty a clarinet player for the marching band, she is also a cheerleader. Being involved in the community means a lot to her as a person, and gives her a chance to express herself in many different ways.

“I can not remember a time in my life where I was not doing two activities at once,” Harty said. “I love being involved in something greater than myself and encouraging others who are just as passionate about something as I am.”

Other than band and cheer, Harty has had her fair share of extracurriculars in the form of dance, basketball, tennis, track, and flag football. Her bright personality and active character inspire others around her to do the same, but she shares it has not always been easy juggling everything.

“I know how I feel and act towards others whenever I am stressed out, which can be very negative sometimes,” Harty said. “Anything I can do to keep my life free of negative energy is a blessing.”

To keep herself motivated and push through the hectic schedules, Harty shares a few tips that have allowed her to maintain order in her action filled life.

“I do not enjoy having assignments hang over me, so I like to get them done as efficiently as possible, so I can enjoy the rest of my day or weekend to do stuff that I want to do,” Harty said. “To-do lists on post-it notes are my best friend [since] they keep me organized and motivated to cross things off the list.”

Even with the current pandemic situation making it difficult at times to interact with peers and complete activities, Harty always has an open mind, looking for ways to connect.

“I am just trying to make the most of this year and put myself out there as much as possible [since] some of the best things that have happened have been a result of spontaneity or being bold enough to take initiative in starting friendships,” Harty said. “I am a huge believer in projecting my energy into the universe and whoever is compelled to reciprocate, is meant to be in my life.”

Underneath the cheerleading bows, music sheets, and motivating personality, Harty is just another girl who is learning to make the best of being a teenager.

“Life will not wait for you so you better go out there and claim the things you want in this world,” Harty said. “It will not always work out but it will teach you something and make you a better person along the way.”