What PSAT During COVID Looked Like


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Gabby Pippins

This nine weeks began with several students in Cohort B participating in the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) on October 14th. There were mixed feelings in the air as people began preparing for the test.

“I was definitely a little nervous while studying for the test,” junior Charisse Yip said.

Some students wanted to participate in taking the PSAT, but did not want to risk their health.

“If there was an option to take the PSAT online I would have,” junior Stephen Bassey said, “but since we had to take them at school I decided not to.”

After the test, nerves cooled off and students got a chance to relax.

“The test itself was pretty easy,” Yip said, “but the gym where we took the test was super cold.”

Most of the students who did not participate will next year, but only under certain circumstances.

“I am planning on taking the PSAT next year if there is an online option or if things get better,” Bassey said, “I took it last year and I would like another practice opportunity.”

The students in Cohort B had a few words of advice for later administrations of the test.

“Some advice would be to manage your time, not to overthink and to bundle up because the gym where the test is taken is really cold,” Charisse Yip said.