Class of 2020 adjusts their pandemic planning

Last spring, the in-person school year came to an end with no real warning, which left many students conflicted with what was yet to come, especially the members of the class of 2020. Now alumni, the graduated seniors were in a unique position where the pandemic had an impact on what their next steps were in the road to adulthood. Whether it meant diving straight into the workforce or choosing to keep on studying, it does not change the fact that COVID had a large part in the decision making process.

“I am attending Collin College and studying animation with an interest in motion graphics,” Jasmira Mafima said. “But last year, I was still considering other colleges.”

Although Collin College was always a choice that Mafima was open to, it was not her original plan after graduating high school.

“I was looking at four year out of state universities,” Mafima said. “But after we left for Spring Break last year and just never came back, I realized that my plans were not going to go as I had planned them.”

Coming to the conclusion that it was better to stick with family during stressful times, Mafima explains that the change of plans does not upset her anymore. 

“I do not think I lost anything going to Collin,” Mafima said. “I am still getting a great education and am able to transfer later.”

Similar to Mafima, Deijah Brown is attending Collin during her freshman year, hoping to transfer to UNT to study photography once the pandemic dies down.

“I am working hard to get my classes and schedule in order,” Brown said. “And I am working hard [for] a successful future and to get my dream job.”

Like all high school graduates, making the decision to go to college in the first place was a difficult choice on its own.

“I worked harder because I believed that I was not going to get into college,” Brown said. “I was stressed seeing everyone else already getting accepted into their schools.”

Although there were unexpected bumps that caused some initial anxiousness, both Mafima and Brown are doing well and satisfied with their lives after graduating.

“Even though so much craziness is going on in the world right now, just soak everything in,” Mafima said. “I do not think last year’s seniors really got a chance to do that, so make time to focus on what is in front of you.”