Homecoming: The Enchanted Evening

Elizabeth Secor, Staff Writer

On Oct. 26, the night that promised dancing and fun was upon West: homecoming. The night before at the football game, the homecoming king and queen were announced. Homecoming king was Deijon Jefferson representing football and the homecoming queen was Brooke Adams representing Student Council. 

The Enchanted Evening theme covered the cafeteria from dangling leaves to swooping curtains, from lights covered by a green paper that cast a shade of dark, to pretty backdrops in the foyer.

Though fun, many did not enjoy the rule of once you leave, you can not come back in.

 “I was disappointed that we were unable to get group pictures, as part of our group had gone inside before the pictures, and they had a no re-entry rule,” junior Chase Haskell said.

While, some people not being able to leave to take group pictures, there were some that had friends that were stuck outside.

“When my friend walked out to take a call because of the noise, mind you he is right outside the doors, they did not let him back in,” junior Daiana Aguilera said. “He was stuck outside for an hour waiting for the dance to end so he could be reunited with his friends.”

Though even without group pictures and friends stuck outside, people still managed to have fun, especially with some of the music played.

“I did not pay much attention to a lot of the music they played, but I noticed when they put on Bohemian Rhapsody,” Haskell said. “That is a good song.”

Though for some, the song did not matter. What mattered is just jamming out to it.

“Dancing with friends to popular songs while we sang them out, from the minute it started until the minute it ended.” Aguilera said.

The reigning homecoming queen agrees with Aguilera.

 “I enjoyed the music and dancing, ” Brooke Adams said. “My favorite song they played was ‘I Love It.’”

Even the ones who are not the most accustomed to dancing danced the night away.

“It is called a homecoming dance for a reason,” Haskell said “I am terrible at dancing, but at least I tried.” 

There were some complaints when it came to the food at the dance.

“They did not have any brownies at the snack table,” senior Deijon Jefferson said. The table was filled with chips, cookies and soda but no brownies.

Even without having brownies at the dance, Jefferson does enjoy being Homecoming king.

“I laugh every time someone yells HOCO king at me during the passing period,” Jefferson said.

Both the king and queen of homecoming were hoping for the title and when they heard their names called they were both surprised and happy.

“I was stunned when they said my name,” Adams said. “All I knew was that I was supposed to smile.”

Homecoming was fun and memorable for everyone from the juniors to the seniors.

“I will definitely remember the night as being a lot of fun,” Haskell said, “and while there wasn’t anything that stands out as too memorable, I definitely enjoyed all of it.”