Students Are Getting Psyched For Psych Club

Talia Dave, Editor in Chief

With the year starting again, new members of the psychology club are beginning to join. The officers this year have some changes in mind and are ready for a successful year to help the incoming students be more prepared for the AP exam.

“This year, we made a website,, to serve as a one-stop resource for members to gather information about the meetings,” president of psychology club Rachel Chen said. “They are able to ask us questions anonymously, and have access to review resources.”

This efficient change will help new members in the club be more up to date with what is going on in and out of the classroom, as well as having students feel comfortable coming to the club.

“Rather than kids only coming for bonus points, we are hoping to create an atmosphere were the members are genuinely excited to learn,” psych club officer Robert Tal said. “We want them to be able to hang out with us and learn regardless of the bonus points.”

The unique style of the academic club allows the officers to teach students from a better perspective.

“The club members should expect to gain a more comprehensive understanding of psychology from each officer’s unique perspective and style of teaching,” Chen said. “I think the officers and I all have something special to bring to the table and the members can really benefit from that.”

Vice President Ethan Wainman agreed with Chen, weighing in on how members can benefit from this club/teaching style.

“I think they can expect to have the opportunity to review material they may be familiar with and get a chance to clarify topics they don’t understand,” Wainman said. “I also hope some of the more fun events give people another reason to come.”

There are usually a large amount of students at every club meeting, with games and reviews that allow students to have fun and learn at the same time.

“We are educating the students so they better understand the curriculum by providing lots of review material we go through every week,” Tal said. “We have a website with all of our presentations, a Kahoot at the end of every meeting and inviting personalities which welcome any questions from the members.”

The officers are looking forward to the 2019-2020 year with the psychology club and are inviting all students in the class to join.

Without a doubt, members of the club learn more with all the extra information that we cover in the reviews,” Tal said. “The members in the club will always have an advantage over regular students only enrolled in the class.”