OPINION: The Relevancy of Standardized Testing is Declining

Talia Dave, Staff Writer

Through high school, students stress and worry over numbers and grades that will mean next to nothing in the years to come. With Advanced Placement exams, ACTs and SATs, students worry too much and complicate their lives to prove that they are worthy of college because of numbers. Standardized testing does not prove a students intelligence.

Students focus on the amount of time spent practicing test after test, trying to increase their score. Standardized testing puts an unhealthy amount of pressure on students’ lives as well as their learning capabilities. Through this testing, students lose their curiosity of learning by adapting to “beating the test.” They read and forget, losing their imagination and natural interest of the world. It is unnecessary to make students take these tests to get into college because it hinders their ability to improve socially and culturally in school. College is supposed to be a time to explore and find oneself, not think that since you do not achieve a certain score it means you are worthless. With that being said, many students think that they need to obtain a perfect score to go to a good school or be successful in life, but this results in numerous amounts of cheating and lying to get a better outcome.

High schoolers should not have to deal with the stress of tests anymore. It is unfair and wrong to base a student’s ability or intelligence on a number. They should be able to freely enjoy their lives and school in order to be more sociable and well-rounded. Standardized testing should no longer determine the future of students.