Future Farmers of America Soar Ahead

Juliette Uncovsky, Associate Editor

This semester in Future Farmers of America (FFA), students competed at the Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston Livestock Shows and Rodeos. The projects that were held during this show included two steers raised by seniors Paige Bruno and Claudia Dobrient, as well as pigs, lambs and goats. They also competed in Career Development Events (CDE) where every Plano West team, which included some students from Shepton and Jasper high school, advanced to the State contests. The teams were dairy cattle judging, where the animals are observed as well as floriculture, nursery landscape and milk quality products. The competition also included vet science where injections are performed, pulses are taken and diseases are diagnosed. There was also poultry judging where they look at eggs and carcasses and horse judging where horses perform tasks that a working horse would do. The 2019-2020 steer team is already getting a head start on their season. Given that the students live in such an urban area, FFA provides students with the best possible preparation and certification when it comes to any career in the agriculture industry from floral design to veterinary science to agriculture economics or traditional production agriculture. Students have the opportunity to have real hands-on experiences, which puts them ahead in their future endeavors.