Habitat Changing the Community for the Better

Isabelle Yuen, Staff Writer

In Habitat for Humanity, students are given the opportunity to participate in the construction of housing for less fortunate families. Club members are involved in every step of the process, from fundraising for materials to the actual construction of the homes. Students get to see a different side of the community from a new perspective.

“They utilize volunteering and donations to pay for the materials,” secretary Jason Tan said. “Then the families that apply for the lower-cost housing also help build houses for other people. Instead of funding all the costs of the house, they can pay their way towards a house by helping Habitat.”

Co- presidents Eve Dauber and Sana Hairadin have been part of Habitat for Humanity since their freshman years.

“We decided that we wanted to be co presidents instead of vice president and president because we have worked so well together for multiple years,” Daubert said. “We have eleven officers, some seniors and some juniors.”

Homes are built to make sure almost all of the costs are minimized for low income families.

“We raise money and build houses with zero equivalent interest on the mortgages in order to broaden affordable housing,” Hairadin said. “Habitat for Humanity is a national and non-profit organization.”

The unique organization caught the eyes of the officers and encouraged them to become more involved.

“I was really inspired by their business model,” Tan said. “It is important to have a certain energy when it comes to what you do.”

Habitat for Humanity gives the families an opportunity to connect with their community.

“I thought it was so amazing that volunteers were actually building homes for others,” Daubert said. “I really liked that the club really integrates the family that they are building the home for into the project. Any day that you are there for the build they are also there helping out. It really helps promote integration and thoughtful volunteering.”

The club hosts fundraisers throughout the year that go towards the materials for builds. They are constantly around the community looking for new ways to raise money for the cause.

“For our chapter for high schoolers, we usually raise money for the actual build for the materials,” Hairadin said. “In February, we are doing Carnations for a Cause, where we sell carnations to the students. We do car washes and bake sales and all the proceeds go to the build.

The club is always looking for new ways to get everyone involved in the construction process.

“We do a profit share with Kung Fu Tea,” Dauber said. “We get 15 percent of the profit from orders and we sell baked goods that have been donated by club members. This year we did a Halloween bake sale, and a lot of different people donated. We got Shepton and Jasper involved as well so we could integrate.”

Habitat for Humanity gives less fortunate families a second chance to make a better life for themselves.

“It made me appreciate how hard they work and how I should not take things for granted,” Tan said. “Habitat is able to help uplift people, give them a second chance and give them a stable home so they can kind of get their lives back on track.”

The club is a way for students to volunteer in their community.

“I want to make sure that all of our club members understand the impact that they are making in the community,” Dauber said. “We make an impact in the community through our donations and with the power of all the volunteers that we have.”