Ethan Glanger: Student Videographer Impresses All

Inspired film creator Ethan Glanger is a talented junior that roams the hallways unseen and unheard, but his videos speak louder than words. With just a camera, GoPro and imagination Glanger is one of the few aspiring videographers who stand out. He creates a magical scene with his keen eye for beauty and the perfect photo, utilizing his skills to create his masterpieces that he shows the world through his eyes.

“I got my first camera when I was twelve,” Glanger said. “And my gopro for my 14th birthday, it was a huge deal for me since I had recently been introduced to videography.”

Three years later his talents exceed any ordinary expectations for a 17 year old. After all, he could have been just a kid with a camera, but instead he continues to impress his peers.

“My whole family was into film,” Glanger said. “I started playing with my aunts camera and realized it sparked my interest.”

Travel and natural beauty are recurring themes in many of Glanger’s videos. As seen on his Instagram page he has visited many places like New Mexico, Colorado and Isla Mujeres.

“My favorite video was made in Isla Mujeres, Mexico,” Glanger said. “Not many people have been there before and it was cool to show off the location in a unique style.”

His process is either long and thoughtful, or sometimes he has an idea he creates right then and there.

“Most of the time when I create videos they are on the spot projects,” Glanger said. “As in I take my camera out and start filming and put music behind edited footage.”

His films come to life through hard work and passion. Glanger’s camera skills and eye for beauty helps him create his visual art.

“If I get an idea for a film I have wanted to create for a while,” Glanger said. “I storyboard it in my head first and go from there.”

His videos feature him or his co-creators exploring the beauty of the world around them. The landscapes, environment and all other aspects he captures are taken after finding inspiration along the way.

“The setting I am in has a major impact on the type of videos I make,” Glanger said. “I will make a fast paced film if I am skateboarding or something but if I am in a beautiful location like Italy or Iceland I will make it more visually pleasing.”

Many colleges all over the world offer scholarships for film and videos that students like Glanger create. However he has other ideas for his future in film.

“I am hoping that I can continue to create videos and take photos for either companies or artists in the future,” Glanger said. “I want to make a career of travelling for it.”

For Glanger, the inspiration to create videos come easily, and the interaction from his viewers makes it worthwhile.

“It is very rewarding when I get to see the response people make on my videos,” Glanger said. “The best part of that is when I inspire a person to pursue something in their life, which is always the ultimate goal.”

What people do does not always define them, but in this case, it does. Glanger is able to utilize his art to inspire, create and show people how he feels.

“My films define parts of who I am because they show how I lived a moment through my eyes,” Glanger said. “My main goal is for someone to watch my creations and get inspiration to do something they have always wanted to do.”