Royales of West: Meet the New 2018-2019 Drill Team


Camilla Peck, Staff Writer

Animated voices fill the room as the Royales prepare for yet another gripping performance. With glitter and sparkling outfits, the drill team radiate excitement and energy, ready to take on their routine. Senior dancer Kate Davis had decided to try something new to satisfy her love of dance when she joined the team.

“I had been dancing at a studio for years and I wanted to join something at school,” Davis said. “Drill team was the perfect fit.”

Perfecting such complicated routines takes work and determination. The Royales work tirelessly to refine each routine in order to make them close to perfect for competitions and events.

“We practice daily to clean our dances to perfection,” Davis said. “The officers break every movement down until we are all doing the same thing so it looks clean and uniform.”

Although they work together in order to be totally in sync, it takes complete cooperation and equal effort from each member in order to meet expectations, according to junior Tom Aviram.

“Everyone on the Royales has to do their part to learn the dances,” Aviram said. “Everyone has to practice to make sure that we look the best we can for performances.”

With the help from the head director Chloe Hills the girls on the team become motivated to give each practice and performance their very best with a positive attitude.

“I inspire my dancers by including them on my visions for themselves individually and as a team,” Hills said. “I push them to reach their best potential by holding them accountable every day.”

The advice and constructive criticism received from the coaches largely aids in the girls’ attention to detail and ability to perfect their dances.

“Our coaches lead us and help us be the best be can be by correcting us in practice,” Aviram said. “They are always motivating us to do our best.”

The Royales are known for their clean routines, meaning there are high expectations for each performance. Their reputation is yet another factor that motivates the girls to put in maximum effort.

“The legacy of the Royales is an organization with very high standards and expectations to succeed,” Hills said. “In the beginning of the year, the directors and leaders work together to set goals for the team.”

It takes discipline, but those on the team say that they get even more from being on the team than just learning how to work hard and stay focused.

“As we practice constantly, we all become friends and want to help each other be the best dancer we can be,” Davis said.

Aviram agrees that gaining meaningful friendships is another beneficial aspect of being a member of the team.

“My favorite part about being on the Royales is being able to dance every day with my best friends,” Aviram said.

While they are strongly bonded together as a team, the difficulties they face together along with the love and support shared between them allows them to feel as close as family.

“I begin by building a bond of trust and mutual respect with each of the dancers,” Hills said. “The most important goal of every year is to form a ‘sisterhood.’”