“Let Me Be Your Voice” – Michael Lam, New Junior Class President



Newly elected Junior Class President (JCP) Michael Lam poses for a photo in front of the Plano West fountain.

With the new junior students coming in from Shepton and Jasper, a new Junior Class President (JCP) was soon to be on the rise. The campaign contained multiple candidates that led to an intense runoff between the contenders. Michael Lam won JCP position for the 2018-2019 school year.

“I decided to run for JCP, quite simply, so I could make a difference,” Lam said. “A lot of people say that the high school years are something sacred. I am proud of Plano West. It is an amazing school that is nationally recognized in many academic and non-academic fields.”

He also pointed out how he wants to help with conflicts that occur.

“But just like many well-established schools, sometimes there are some challenges, however, they can be fixed,” Lam said. “I did not just want to stand by and be the one complain about it, so I decided to take action.”

Lamb is involved in a few clubs and organizations this school year.

“I am in Habitat for Humanity and NHS,”  Lam said. “It is not a really lengthy list, but I just don’t want to over commit and have to sacrifice time and energy that could be used in the JCP position.”

Lam’s new initiatives are different from his predecessors.

“My main focus is on our future and on connection,” Lam said. “One challenge that I see in West is that some of us do not know what we are going to do in the future, so I am currently working on a ‘career-enrichment’ program that would provide juniors and seniors opportunities to gain internships during the summer.

Lam additionally stresses the importance of connection and intercommunication within the class.

“When you are a teeny tiny junior fish entering the big aquarium that is Plano West, making friends can actually be challenging,” Lam said. “I am trying to push for more social events to promote more social interaction, but I also think that just exposing students to other types of students that they do not usually see will help break down cliques too.”

The junior class president works diligently with the Student Congress. It’s very important to have a strong relationship with the students and staff in the class. Lam expressed the vital keys to connecting with student council.

“I think it really comes down to communication,” Lam said. “It takes a good connection between players in order to form a strong team, and so in the same way, I will stay in constant connection with student congress to ensure that we’re always on the same page.”

The JCP often correlates with the Senior Class President (SCP), Sarah Mulatu. They are the leaders of the student body, making it extremely important they work together well.

“I work with Sarah often,” Lam said. “I look up to her as a mentor. I serve as a bridge of communication between her and the juniors and as a voice for the junior class.”

Lam is passionate about how he wants his classmates to succeed.

“My advice would be to make a plan,” Lam said. “Here is the gist: if you want to take seven AP classes, go for it. Join DFC? Sure. Hang out with your friends every day? Alright, but make a plan. Make sure that you know how to balance the rest of the things in your life so you do not get overwhelmed.”

The junior class is looking forward to the new JCP leadership and his plans for the school year.

“I want my classmates, 20 years in the future, to look back on their high school life and say that it was a blast,” Lam said. “All in all, I would like to help Plano West become even greater than it already is.”