Let’s Get Down To Business: DECA Club Style

Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) is a business-oriented club that encompasses competition in specific categories and learning about the businesses within them. There are 3,500 chapters and 225,000 total members currently in it. At West, there are currently 32 members. The teacher supervisors in charge are Marie Polzer and Helmuth Kroog, with Polzer serving her first year as head supervisor of the West chapter.

Polzer talked about why DECA is important to her and how it helps the students in it.

“My favorite part of DECA is watching my students transform in many different areas,” Polzer said. “This includes public speaking as well as mastering the curriculum they are competing within.”

Senior member Kate Ohman discussed the importance of competing and DECA as a whole.

“Competing is one of the few things I look forward to because it shows all of the hard work you have done to get there,” Ohman said. “Being in DECA isn’t just something you put on your résumé, it is an experience you carry on with you through college and into your career.”

Ohman also talked about her experience competing last year and what she is looking forward to with competing this year.

“Being able to spend three days in downtown Dallas with other club members for the State competition was a great time,” Ohman said. “It was definitely my favorite memory with DECA last year. I am looking forward to competing with my friends and hopefully moving onto Nationals this year.”

In addition to competing, DECA gives students the opportunity to learn more about the details of running a business through Dallas Maverick’s Day. At Maverick’s Day, club members are given a tour of the American Airlines Center, listen to speakers who are currently employees for the team from various departments such as Marketing and Human Resources. After the tour and presentations, students are treated to a Mavericks game the same night and given a ten dollar gift certificate to use at any concession throughout the arena.

Senior Anthony Merlene discussed the impact Maverick’s Day last year had on him.

“It was really interesting to hear the employees discuss their journey from being in the same position we are now in high school, to going through college and their first jobs, to working for the Mavericks,” Merlene said. “I also enjoyed being able to enjoy the game with so many of my friends.Iit is definitely one my best memories from junior year.”

DECA is a club that provides learning opportunities for students while at the same time providing a platform for students to compete in unique categories that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

“The best thing about DECA is that I am able to get real life experience in a business topic I am interested in,” senior Wolfe Berman said. “I have learned a lot from it.”