Pros and Cons of Binge Watching

For some people, binge-watching is a daily activity, while for others it’s an occasional activity.

People often binge-watch as a form of entertainment. It can be both something incredibly unhealthy, yet extremely relaxing. Despite its negative notation, there are positives towards binging. Binge-watching can be very controversial in the understanding of which side it should be placed on; good or bad. 

Although binge-watching is seen as a negative trait, it serves as a calming agent and relaxer. Most people binge-watch to break away from everyday stress and to relieve themselves of daily struggles. 

“The benefits are you are up to date, you know what people are talking about, and you can be included in the conversation,” said Damius Sears, a senior at Plano West.

Youth today are also more likely to binge-watch and pay attention to their phones rather than participate in drug abuse or health-risking sexual behavior, as proven by the website, Vox. In Vox’s article, it showed how teenagers’ harmful behaviors have decreased tremendously and it’s thanks to youths having better alternatives for stress and more healthy distractions like binge-watching.

“I binge watch because I have nothing else better to do at the time, or at least I think I have nothing else better to do at the time,” said Sears. 

Researchers Rubin Conway, Frank, and Greenberg studied the reasons people watch TV. Seven motivations were included: passing time, habit, relaxation, information/learning, entertainment/enjoyment, escape, and social interaction. Not only are you relaxed when you binge-watch, but you are also learning new words and conversation strategies. As we all know, there are still very big downsides towards binge-watching. In some ways, it’s a double-edged sword; providing both good and harmful outcomes. 

“The disadvantages are opportunity loss. You’re gonna have to give up this and that just to watch a show,” said Sears.

The problem with binging is that it requires you to sacrifice some time in your schedule. If you are good at managing your time wisely, this will not be much of a problem for you, but excessive binging is not recommended for those who struggle with time management.

“Binge-watching is a waste of time because you can watch tv anytime you want there’s really no need too sit down stare at a screen for that long,” said Sears.

Although setting a time limit for watching television can help improve inadequate time management and self-control. For example, it’s better to watch two episodes every Friday than watching a whole season in a day.

“In general the stopping point for when you should be like that’s enough for today is like one or two episodes,” said Sears.

Binging not only affects your schedule but after a while, too much of it can affect your mental health. According to the website, VeryWell Health binge-watching over time can lead to sleep problems, fatigue, blood clots, heart problems, poor diet, social isolation, behavioral addiction, and cognitive decline. Excessive binging can also lead to depression, anxiety, and many other mental disorders. In other words, limit your time wisely when binge-watching because too much of anything isn’t good for you.