Why I Still Want to be a Journalist


Image by -Hier und jetzt endet leider meine Reise auf Pixabay aber- from Pixabay

Elizabeth Secor, Editor

College is fast approaching, as are the questions of “do you know what you are going to do?” I myself have known that I wanted to be a writer since elementary school, and only more recently (the past two years) a journalist. Whenever I answer the question “do you know what you are going to do?” it is always an affirmative yes and journalism.


I also always know what the response will be “don’t be one of the corrupt journalists!” or “journalism? Make sure not to lie!” or “Journalism? You can’t be opinionated!” or just a frown because journalists get such a bad rap. None of these comments have changed my mind on being a journalist, but it has put into perspective why I still want to be one. 


As I said, I have wanted to be a writer since elementary school but have always played around with what I would do. When I learned that Plano West had a newspaper course, I jumped at the chance to join. A few months in and after the first magazine was published, I knew this was what I wanted to do. There is something about seeing your stories in print, knowing that it informs people of the world that just feels amazing. 


However, the issue is, in high school newspapers, there is not a lot to cover outside of school, and censored topics. I want to go out and cover those topics no one discusses, shed light on them, and I will be able to do that in a journalism career. My way of helping the world and making a change will be helping those who need help and change in their lives have a voice—ensuring that everyone hears those who are using their voice to advocate for a change, good or bad, so everyone can decide what change they want. Even if the change is not great, it will not be up to me to say. It will be up to me to get the word out so people can see what is happening in their world and decide if they agree.