Businesses Giving Back To The Community

Elizabeth Secor, Staff Writer

Quarantine has led to many places closing and many places rising to the challenge. One large group of businesses that have risen to the challenge are restaurants. Many businesses have adjusted to the new quarantine measures efficiently and effectively and are helping citizens in multiple ways.

Open restaurants have turned to either curbside takeout or delivery—no one but cooks and the workers allowed inside the restaurant. Delivery has been made contactless.

Contactless delivery is when the food will be left on a bench or right near the front door, and the delivery driver will leave. This is to help maintain social distancing and keep everyone safe.

Some restaurants are even offering quarantine kits:
Kennys Pizza is offering a “Take And Bake,” which is a package that has all the ingredients to make a home pizza with a side of salad. They even throw in a row of toilet paper.
Panera bread is offering the purchase of bread, bagels, yogurt, milk, and cream cheese.
Grub Burger is offering a “Grub Quarantine Kit” which comes with four beef patties, four chicken breasts, eights buns, four sides of Mac and Cheese, 12 peanut butter cookies, 12 brownies, a dozen eggs, a gallon of iced tea, paper towels, and two rolls of toilet paper.
Bellagreen is offering family meals that serve four and come with salad, various chicken dishes, or breakfast burritos.

Along with the kits some restaurants are offering discounts:
Hooters is offering 20% of meals to healthcare workers, first responders, and military personnel (with valid ID).
Most restaurants are offering free delivery after placing orders that ranges from $5-$20 depending on the restaurant.
Starbucks has free coffee for front-line responders through May 3rd.
Krispy Kreme is offering a dozen free glazed donuts through May 6th for all first responders.

It is essential to remember while restaurants are offering all this, they still need support. Make sure to support your local restaurants so they can stay open and afloat amongst this pandemic.