A Look At Life In Quarantine

Reo Lee, Staff Writer

The days of carefree laughing, friendly interactions and casual outings abruptly came to a halt without any clear warning. With the fast progressing COVID-19 virus on a rampage around the world, daily activities that were taken for granted ceased to be the norm as schools, companies, restaurants and more were forced to shut down.

It is the suddenness of all the big changes that makes the whole situation seem like one big nightmare, as governments all around the world try to contain the global panic. As the world comes to a slow standstill, there are increasing amounts of losses other than human lives. Stock markets seem to be on a constant decline, and the fragile economy is taking a nosedive as all production ceases.

Regardless of what one’s job was before, everyone is advised to stay home to prevent the further spread of the disease, unless you are an essential worker. The coined term “social distancing” has been used in the media to promote the isolation period. Being careful is crucial during this time and leaving the house should only be limited to absolutely necessary reasons.

Having a safe space to express all the bottled up feelings is also important, as one of the unseen consequences of a global quarantine is mental health. Not having the luxury to leave the house to engage in human interaction can be gloomy, but there are many resources online that can help with the coping in a healthy way. Stay connected online with those who are dear.

In confusing times such as the current situation, it is essential to keep tabs on what the local news stations are saying. Information is beneficial during a global panic, and keeping up with the local news can help with the feelings of anxiousness. Keep note of what neighborhoods are contaminated, what areas are okay for a quick grocery trip and in what ways the community is asking for help.

Respecting others is key to a long term happy community. There is no need to sweep the whole shelves of soap or toilet paper, or to fight over a year’s worth of hand sanitizers. There are unfortunate families who can not afford the luxuries that many others can, so it is important to share scarce resources.

Keep routinely washing hands, stay indoors and take responsibility for your own well being.