Orchestra to Host Annual Asian Festival

Every year, people from all over Plano gather at West to enjoy the orchestra’s annual Asian Fest.

This year’s festival, to be held on March 22 in the auditorium and cafeteria, has many students excited.

“Students love Asian Fest,” orchestra director Jo Wallace-Abbie said. “They look forward to it all year. We have students from all over Plano, not just Plano West, attend.”

Asian Fest, also called the Asian Food and Musical Festival, is a way for the orchestra to raise money.

“Asian Fest is the orchestra’s biggest fundraiser of the year,” orchestra member senior Jordan Lee said. “It includes a dinner catered by First Chinese BBQ and a talent show with some of the coolest acts in the area.”

The festival is the brainchild of Wallace-Abbie and over the years, it has become more and more popular among Plano residents.

“My favorite part about Asian Fest is seeing something that I invented get as large as it has and seeing the community come together and have such a good time,” Wallace-Abbie said.

Those who attend will be treated to a number of shows performed by talented students who must audition and then be selected to be part of the festival.

“Every year, we have a huge variety of acts, including singers, magic tricks and dragon dancers,” Lee said.

Many people are excited to watch this year’s performances.

“I am looking forward to all the amazing artists that are a part of the show,” orchestra member senior Bradley Hamilton said. “There are so many people at West who have incredible talents that no one knows about until Asian Fest.”

Another exciting part of the festival is the raffle drawings which take place between the acts.

“Audience members get chances to win all kinds of cool prizes made or donated by outside vendors,” Lee said. “Last year, a few of our biggest prizes included an iPad mini and a Wii U Deluxe Gaming System.”

Its success in previous years has made expectations high for the upcoming Asian Fest.

“Asian Fest went really well last year,” Lee said. “We’ve sold out for the past couple of years, so I think it will turn out well.”

The orchestra and its officers have to work hard in order to make it a fun experience, but it is worth it to them.

“My favorite part about Asian Festival is seeing others enjoy it,” Hamilton said. “The other officers and I put so much work into making it a great event. There is no better feeling than knowing our efforts are not wasted.”

Those who go have a fun time, and the enthusiasm is contagious.

“I love the happy and vibrant atmosphere at Asian Fest,” Lee said. “Everyone is buzzing with excitement, whether it is because they just ate some really tasty Chinese food or witnessed some seriously riveting acts. I can’t wait to experience it again this year.”