The Search For an Answer: Dua Lipa’s Plano West Shirt.


During winter break, a viral video surfaced showing pop star Dua Lipa wearing a Plano West t-shirt.  The video, on TikTok, was shared by alumnus Ashton Newton, class of 2021.


Dua Lipa is a pop musician born and raised in London, United Kingdom. The video of her wearing the shirt originated from an interview with Greg James on BBC’s ‘Breakfast with Greg’ podcast on April 30, 2020.


While the interview itself happened in late April 2020, the image hadn’t hit many student social media accounts until the end of 2022, when Newton shared a still image from the interview.

Lipa did not make any comments on the merchandise from Plano West or where she got it during the interview; the only hints of how it ended up in her wardrobe came from the social news forum Reddit.

Students speculated on how the star acquired the shirt.

“Can’t believe I (might) have the answer to this!” Faith Chio, 11, said. “There’s a really pricey brand called Marine Serre that’s pretty trendy right now. I recall crystal clear they had this shirt as a part of a collection where they upcycled second hand clothing items. If you search “Marine Serre Plano West, it’s the first image.”

Other students went with a slightly simpler explanation.

“Only thing I can think of is maybe a thrift store?” Haalah Mouti, 11, asked .

There are no solid answers but the most probable theory is Dua Lipa grabbing it from a thrift store. Now whether a thrift store in the UK had Plano West gear or Dua Lipa was shopping in the Plano area–that’s another question.