Holiday Lights Bring Joy to the Holiday Season


Elizabeth Secor, Editor

It was that time of year again, time for holiday light shows. Although the pandemic has canceled many holiday activities, including seeing family, there was one tradition that still stood: the brilliant and elaborate holiday light shows put on in and around the DFW area. 

These shows include but are not limited to Deerfield Holiday Lights, Luminova (globe life holiday lights), Vitruvian Park Lights, Magic Lights at Little Elm, and Radiance! (Globe Life Park lights). These holiday light shows are sprinkled everywhere and light up the night. Tirzah Lo went and saw the Deerfield Holiday Lights this past month with her family and sees it as a perfect holiday tradition. 

“I love that holiday lights can be connected to the general holiday season. It’s wonderful that holiday lights aren’t just limited to one set of beliefs, but everyone can enjoy them,” Lo said. “This year, especially, I think driving around neighborhoods to see lights is the perfect tradition that has not been changed by COVID-19. It has been a socially-distanced activity all along.”

Lo holds the lights in high regard after first becoming interested in them for photography. Now she likes to kick back and enjoy the memories created while driving through the brightly lit neighborhoods. 

“The Deerfield neighborhood is one of the must-go places to see holiday lights because of the large amount of participation – almost every household decorates their homes with colorful, festive decorations,” Lo said.  “It is amazing to see an entire street of houses all continuously lit up, creating a sense of physical connection I think we’ve all missed out on to some extent during the pandemic.”

Deerfield is not the only holiday light show Lo and her family enjoy seeing. They also enjoy a house in Richardson, the ‘Pavuk Christmas’ that sets holiday lights to music and holds a can food drive. Holiday light shows set to music are Lo’s personal favorite, and what she would try to do if ever she had a light show. 

“I think I could pull off an epic light show with the generous help of friends and family. From choosing the design layout to setting up the lights and connecting wires, it’s definitely so much work. In the end, I think it would be super rewarding. It is not just for me. It’s for everyone that drives past,” Lo said.  “Since it is a show, I need music for my ears. Lights without music are like watching a movie without sound! Of course, most of the houses just have lights, which is still so magical, but adding music is a plus.”

Houses set to music are not the only favorite for Lo. She also enjoys seeing the storybook characters since it was one of the most memorable houses for her. 

I saw a house in Deerfield with a Snoopy-themed setup. It definitely caught my eye when I saw the familiar characters of a childhood favorite,” Lo said. “I love it when families decide to decorate their homes based on cartoons, like Olaf! It’s also really cute when characters are dressed up in holiday attire – hot cocoa in one hand, red hat on top, etc.”

However, it is not just the display of lights that make Lo enjoy them but the feelings and thoughts they conjure up.

“There’s something special about lights at dark. They’re a source of light in the midst of darkness. I tend to have deep thoughts when I look at holiday lights in the car – am I the light to someone in their darkest day,” Lo said. “So, I think my favorite part is the memories the lights evoke. They remind me of the people I love. Especially when I haven’t seen so many of my friends in a while, the lights make me thankful for the people around me!”