Binge Worthy Shows for School Breaks


Elizabeth Secor, Editor

A survey was taken by 11 Plano West and Allen students on what and how to binge-watch shows. Questions like ‘How Many Seasons Does a Show need to Be Binge-able’ and ‘What is Your Favorite Show’ were asked. Below are the results. 


Three seasons is the consensus for how many seasons a show needs to be binge-worthy. However, some say a show needs a grand total of 10 seasons to be binge-worthy. If you want to sit in for the long haul, here are a few shows with ten or more seasons currently available on various streaming platforms:


The Simpsons Disney+ TV-PG to TV-14 by episode

Grey’s Anatomy Netflix, TV-14

Supernatural Netflix, TV-14

Criminal Minds Netflix, TV-14

Bobs Burgers Hulu, TV-14

Family Guy Hulu, TV-14

House Amazon Prime, TV-PG


The best streaming platform was deemed Netflix, with Hulu coming in second. Here is a list of favorites on each of the most popular streaming platforms.



The Office, TV-14

Supernatural, TV-14

The Crown, TV-MA

Stranger Things, TV-14

Vampire Diaries, TV-14



Bob Burgers, TV-14

Brooklyn 99, TV-14

How I Met Your Mother, TV-MA


If you are up for catching up with a completed series, here are some survey favorites. 

The Office Netflix, TV-14

Schitt’s Creek Netflix, TV-MA

How I Met Your Mother Hulu, TV-MA

New Girl Netflix, TV-14


If you’re looking for childhood nostalgia or want to show your younger cousins the grand era of Disney, go on Disney+ for some of their old shows. They offer a free 7-day trial perfect for over break.


The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, TV-G

Suite Life on Deck, TV-G

Hannah Montana, TV-G

Phineas and Ferb, TV-G

Gravity Falls, TV-Y7

Good Luck Charlie, TV-G

Shake it Up, TV-G

Austin and Ally, TV-G


If you want something fresh and new, here are some of the recommendations from the survey. Note that most of these shows have two or fewer seasons, so it will be a rather quick binge-watching season. 


The Umbrella Academy Netflix, TV-14

High School Musical The Musical The Series Disney +

The Mandalorian Disney + 

Julie and The Phantoms Netflix, TV-G