5 Ways to Beat Boredom

Elizabeth Secor, Staff Writer

Who else is bored during quarantine? Here are a few activities to do while stuck at home.

Bake something
A few things that can be baked easily are warm gooey cookies or even a delicious cake. If you do not have the traditional cookie ingredients like oatmeal or chocolate chips, do not worry, there are other options. A favorite that can be up to you is a kitchen sink cookie. Whip up some cookie dough and then grab everything but the kitchen sink to go in the cookies. Some recommendations are potato chips, pretzels, or marshmallows.

Go for a walk
Many have been stuck indoors during quarantine, but that is not a necessity. Leave the house for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Go out, get some sun, explore nature, but do not forget the sunscreen or bug spray. Make sure to follow the new rules and stay six feet apart from others.

Do a craft
Pinterest and Youtube are some great places to find fun craft projects to occupy the time. The project can be something small, like a drawing or something big like building a whole shelf. It is up to the materials available, and time willing spent on crafting.

Learn a new skill
Take this time in quarantine to learn that bucket list skill you have always wanted to learn. Some ideas are knitting, guitar playing, painting, and more. There are many tutorials on Youtube for new talents.

School work
Not the most fun activity but a necessary one with online classes. Make sure to set aside a few hours each day to finish all class assignments. A way to make this more interesting is Facetime with friends and work on classes together.