OPINION: Keep the Myth of Santa Claus Alive

Talia Dave, Staff Writer

For many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Kids look forward to presents, stockings and leaving those crumbly cookies and milk for Santa. If Buddy the Elf believes in Old Kris Kringle, little kids should too. Parents should let their kids believe in Santa and keep the joy of believing alive.

Telling kids Santa is real gets them even more excited for the season. As teens, it is sometimes hard to get into the mood of the holidays and everything that comes with them. However, as children, when there is something as exciting as Santa Claus to look forward to, Christmas is more appealing. Writing letters to Santa is one of the many treasures that comes with the season. The spirit of believing in the man in the red suit is a necessary part of the holidays.

When children believe in Santa, it gives them more opportunity to be creative and have a strong imagination. Of course, once they reach a certain age they should be allowed to decide for themselves what is real or not, but until then kids should be told that he is real. A large part of the holiday season is decorating and sending letters. Books, stories and songs all illustrate the beautiful reason for the season. Saint Nick and his trusty reindeer spend the whole Christmas Eve going from house to house delivering gifts that good children have asked for, as well as the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. These tales have inspired imagination for kids all across the world.

Christmas stories and movies bring people together. There are so many Santa Claus related stories that all ages can enjoy, including over 500 Christmas stories and 136 movies just from Hallmark. Children and parents alike are able to spend this precious time with one another enjoying the trends and happiness of the holidays.

The belief encourages kids to do good the whole year. With the incentive of Santa and presents, children are able to behave well and be respectful towards others. Kringle’s motto goes “He is making a list and checking it twice, he is going to find out who is naughty and nice,” and this sure does encourage kids all over to be nice, not naughty. Parents alike would agree that telling your kids that Santa is real would only give them the incentive to do better every day.

As the excitement of the season brews, children and families get to enjoy the festivities together. The celebration of this beloved holiday would not be what it is without the special character we know as Santa Claus.