Foodsta: Connecting the World with Food

Johanna Svensson, Staff Writer

You’re with your friend for lunch and the meals come out to the table. You pick up your fork to begin eating but your friend pulls out their phone and takes a photo of the food. Noticing your confusion they simply state, “It’s for my Foodsta.”

A Foodstagram, or Foodsta, is a secondary Instagram page solely dedicated to posting photos of food. It has become a community for those who enjoy sharing recipes, creative food hacks, or unique food visuals. While some find it unnecessary and strange, others use it as a way to connect with other people.

The tag #Food has over 255 million posts on Instagram. Often these posts have tags that share the restaurant where the food is made so that people scrolling through their feed can see where the food is from. Since Instagram is used all over the world, it can be used to learn about food from other nations or locations to visit while traveling.

Senior Lindsay Stapleton has connected with several restaurants she’s visited on her Foodsta (@lindz.eats) as she tags them in her posts.

“Because restaurants and locations are tagged in my posts, they’ll often see it and comment or follow my account,” Stapleton said.

Other accounts that focus on food have connected with her as well.

“Other food, culture or tourism accounts find me when they’re looking at posts tagged with a location,” Stapleton said. “So it’s cool to interact with those people too.”

Senior Shelby Gammon created her Foodsta in order to share photos she’s taken of her food with her friends.

“I made an account (@shellagoodeats) mainly just because I had cool photos of food that I wanted to share somewhere,” Gammon said. “Now it kind of acts as a record of all the delicious and aesthetic food I’ve eaten.”

Instagram has allowed both Gammon and Stapleton to share their photos with their friends in a simple and effective way.

“Instagram is a great platform because you can gather all your pictures in one place and share them with anyone who might be interested in seeing them,” Stapleton said.

Gammon created the account not expecting anything from it but has gotten several perks along the way.

“I’ve gotten some features and deals from Dallas restaurants which is cool because it’s just a casual page that I made mainly for myself,” Gammon said.

The Foodsta community continues to grow as more people join the trend. Both food and social media are a way to bring people together, why not put the two together?

“It’s such a casual account,” Stapleton said. “But it’s something I enjoy doing for fun.”