Five Things Only Introverts Would Understand

Jiayi Zhu, Staff Writer

  1. There is a distinct panic when introverts get a phone call because they are not mentally prepared to have a conversation so suddenly. What is worse is that it is more difficult to gauge the reactions of a person talking over a phone which makes socializing (an already tough activity for an introvert) even more nerve wracking. This is why many introverts strongly prefer texting over making calls because they can then avoid the pressure of speaking right away as well as express themselves better during the conversation.
  2. Introverts are characterized by their preference for solitude, so they are frequently faced with the challenge of explaining that they cannot make it to a group hang out because they already have “plans” to do nothing. Society has a funny view on being alone and because this need for alone time is so difficult to explain, a lot of introverts give up and simply resort to making up a mundane excuse.
  3. Introversion is often confused with shyness which inevitably leads to the false conclusion that someone who is shy must be an introvert. In this way, many introverts who are not shy are mistaken as extroverts and expected to behave like so. Outgoing introverts still need alone time to recharge and forcing the behavior of extroverts on them does not help.
  4. Introverts have a strange relationship with speaking. On one hand, introverts are typically quiet but on the other hand, the reality is that introverts love to talk, just in small doses and about the right topics. This duality can make an introvert seem like a completely different person when the conversation subject shifts to something they really care about. However, because they quickly tire out after talking, only introverts can understand the feeling of wanting to express so much more but not having the energy.
  5. Quality over quantity is a rule most introverts follow subconsciously when it comes to making friends. Because they do not want to be stretched thin between a large number of people, introverts seek a few people they can get very close to. Being selective is how introverts find people they truly click with and who would be willing to take the time to understand them beyond a superficial level. While an introvert may not have a large group of friends, the few tight knit friends they do have more than make up for the lack of numbers.