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Student Owned Businesses To Support in the Wolfpack Community

Student Owned Businesses To Support in the Wolfpack Community

Reo Lee January 28, 2021

Owning and running a functioning business comes with a lot of responsibilities, requiring endless amounts of research, planning ahead, and unknown risk. While the term entrepreneur usually gets associated...

Binge Worthy Shows for School Breaks

Binge Worthy Shows for School Breaks

Elizabeth Secor, Editor January 28, 2021

A survey was taken by 11 Plano West and Allen students on what and how to binge-watch shows. Questions like ‘How Many Seasons Does a Show need to Be Binge-able’ and ‘What is Your Favorite Show’...

What Thanksgiving Plans Look Like During a Pandemic

What Thanksgiving Plans Look Like During a Pandemic

Reo Lee January 14, 2021

This year’s Thanksgiving break spanned a total of one week, giving students the opportunity to relax and spend time doing something that usually cannot be done while attending school. Ranging from self-care...

Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas

Reo Lee January 14, 2021

The holiday season is here once again, marking a prime time for gift exchanges. Even if the pandemic changed the lifestyles of many individuals including the way people do their shopping, it has not stopped...

Thanksgiving Recipe

Gabby Pippins, Writer December 2, 2020

Thanksgiving is fast approaching with plans being made and recipes coming out of drawers. Many are sticking to their traditional dishes like junior Charisse Yip. She has a delicious recipe for Pumpkin...

What Plano West Students Have Been Whipping Up During Quarantine

What Plano West Students Have Been Whipping Up During Quarantine

Gabby Pippins, Writer October 9, 2020

With the world on pause and everyone inside, several people have developed new hobbies. Some knit, others sew...but some students of Plano West bake! Here are three recipes anyone in the Wolfpack should...

The Impact of COVID on the Movie Industry

Elizabeth Secor, Editor October 9, 2020

COVID-19 has seen many changes in what people do in their free time and entertainment is handled. Games, concerts, movies, and more all canceled. One group that adapted quickly was the movie industry....

5 Ways to Beat Boredom

Elizabeth Secor, Staff Writer April 20, 2020

Who else is bored during quarantine? Here are a few activities to do while stuck at home. Bake something A few things that can be baked easily are warm gooey cookies or even a delicious cake. If you...

Big Mouth Returns For Season Three

Talia Dave', Editor-in-Chief October 3, 2019

The iconic cartoon Big Mouth is coming back to Netflix this Friday and people could not be more excited. The raunchy comedy has fans all over the country preparing for the big release. In February, the...

Homecoming Mums: The Texas Tradition

Haley Derdiger, Associate Editor October 2, 2019

Living in the Lone Star State, homecoming is a huge time for high school students. Everyone knows it is not just the football games and dance, but the homecoming mums, as they have broken through to the...

Beverly Hills 90210 Gets Rebooted After 29 Years

Haley Derdiger, Associate Editor September 4, 2019

The rumors are true, Beverly Hills 90210 is back. The 90’s show that captured teens by the heart had made a reappearance on TV this year. Here is everything you need to know about the shows reboot. The...

Spider-Man Leaves the MCU Causing a Stir

Elizabeth Secor, Staff Writer August 27, 2019

The internet is buzzing with the news that Spider-Man is swinging away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Avengers Endgame painted the picture of Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man being...

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